How to Uninstall Fomo for BigCommerce

Uninstalling Fomo on your BigCommerce store is easy.

First, determine whether you are using the "legacy version" (installed from the BigCommerce App Store) or the current version, which requires signing up on

Uninstalling the Current Version of Fomo

Follow these simple steps then remove the "snippet" from your BigCommerce Stencil theme. It will look like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async"></script>

You're done!

Uninstalling the Legacy Version of Fomo for BigCommerce

Inside your BigCommerce dashboard, navigate to My Apps:

On the right is a list of all of your apps, with a 'launch' button.

To the left of the launch button there is a small uninstall link.

Click the uninstall link next to the Fomo integration to remove Fomo from your shop and cancel all future billing.