How to cancel your Fomo account

We don't play tricks with your money -- see below for instructions to cancel your Fomo subscription in seconds.
Step 0 - Ecommerce store?
If you installed Fomo through the Shopify, BigCommerce, LightSpeed, WooCommerce, or Ecwid app marketplaces, simply delete Fomo from your ecommerce admin portal and all billing will cancel immediately.
If you connected Fomo by signing up at, follow along below.
Step 1 - Visit your Fomo Profile

While logged in, visit Settings (bottom right) > My Profile.
Step 2 - Cancel your Subscription
From the Profile tab, click 'Cancel subscription' on the right side, below your account information.
Step 3 - You're done!

Your subscription will remain active until the final day of your billing period, but you will not be charged again.
If you're willing to share a couple reasons for your cancellation, we offer $20 Amazon gift cards for the feedback. Go here to earn a gift card in < 60 seconds.