How to cancel your Fomo account

 We don't play any "tricks" with users who want to cancel. See below for instructions to cancel your Fomo subscription in seconds.
Step 0 - Ecommerce store?
If you installed Fomo through the Shopify or Ecwid app marketplaces, simply delete Fomo from your ecommerce admin portal and all billing will cancel immediately.
Step 1 - Visit your Fomo Profile

While logged in, visit Settings (bottom right) > My Profile.
Step 2 - Cancel your Subscription
From the Profile tab, click 'Cancel subscription' on the right side, below your account information.
Step 3 - You're done!

Your subscription will remain active until the final day of your billing period, so that you may continue using Fomo for the pre-paid period.
If you're willing to share a couple reasons for your cancellation with us, we offer $20 Amazon gift cards for the feedback. Just go here to get started.