How do I make a recommendation

In Fomo we have a feature called Recommendations. It is useful if you have a promo that you would like to promote, or if you just added a new product and you want to help spread the word on your shop. 

To enable it, go into the integrations section of your Fomo Dashboard . Once inside the Integrations section, click connect.  

The next step, once you go into Recommendations. Is to go ahead and click enable the integration. 

After you have enabled the integration, you are ready to create the first recommendation. 

You can find the title and the image url inside the product section of your Shopify Dashboard. For example, this is how you can find the product Image address.

You can also find the product title from inside the same product section. 

Lastly, you can go to the front of your shop and click into products and locate the product that you are making a recommendation for and copy the product link from the product itself. 

With this all done you can use all of this information to create the recommendation.

at the end of filling out the form you can click ADD and that will create the recommendation notification for you.