Getting Product Images from Zapier

When you connect Zapier to your Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce shops. You may find that you can not seem to find a way to get your product image url. Zapier doesn't make it available directly, but it is still possible to get it. You will have to use Zapier to build the image url. 

The process may differ on a case to case basis, but it generally will be created in the same steps. 

Lets say you go to Zapier and create a new zap. On the trigger step, you decide to connect your Shopify store. You fill out the form and connect Shopify. Then you select 'New Order'. 

Now you have Zapier listening for a webhook on Shopify that signals a new order. After you have your Trigger step filled out, you go ahead and create the action step where you link, Fomo.

Connect Fomo to Zapier and then choose to create a new event.

After choosing to create a new event, its time to fill out your new event template. 

Fomo will provide you with the fields for your template. You fill those out like normal. Notice the Image Url section. 


Once you click in there, you may see alot of options that you can pick to fill out the field, but none of them will be the product image url. You will have to look at one of your product images on your site and copy the base url and choose the product name attribute of the field. It should look like this.

The goal here is to use the product name to finish building the link. It can potentially end up looking odd, but if this link can be used to describe 100 other products in your store, you've set it up correctly. You will have a clean Fomo event showing up on your Shop.