Adding multiple Shopify stores to Fomo

We're pleased to allow multiple Shopify stores on the same Fomo account.

Not only does this save money, but stores who combine unlock extra features such as our Zapier connection, visual theme builder, and more.

combine stores recent sales app

If you want to add multiple Shopify stores to a single Fomo account, follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Upgrade to Fomo Pro

On your primary store, go here and install our Pro plugin:

This costs $50 per month, but if you combine 2+ stores, you're no longer paying $19 per store and will save money every month.

Note: this will automatically migrate all existing settings, orders, and product reviews from your existing Fomo connection. You can then safely delete the Fomo plugin from your store.

Step 2 - Build a Private App

Follow this Fomo guide to build a private app for each of your additional shops.

Ignore the end of Step 3 and 4 -- we just need the Password and URL for each of your new apps.

Send this information to us (password, myshopify domain) and we'll combine your shops to the Fomo Pro account installed on your first store.